Rodolfo Salcedo

Rodolfo Salcedo

New York, NY, US


City Center Merida

Project Manager.
Coordination and Supervision Works for the Conduct of Earthworks and architectural supervision in Merida, Review and development of the client program. Management and fitness area
and space planning for the client. Selection of participants. Quantification of work, unit prices analysis, budgeting, inventory control, scheduling, and economic flow control works.
Coordination with different specialties draft. Monitoring compliance with project, Crossing engineers, contractors contests. Paperwork for permits and feasibility. Weekly reports of construction progress, cost and quality. Selection and assignment of tasks to contractors. Delivery of final design contractors. Monitoring and decision making adjustments in work. Application of Safety Standards and Quality Assurance and cleaning work
Architect Project Coordination Quijano Axe

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Status: Built
Location: Yucatan, MN, US
My Role: Project Manager and Design Coordination
Additional Credits: HINES, Adippsa, Augusto Quijano Axe