Aleksandar Gusic

Aleksandar Gusic

Beograd, CS

perspective view
perspective view

Social Engine

If the goal of the society that we live in is continous functioning in certain direction and varying intensity depending on an economic and social conditions where life comes down to a simple algorithmic scheme which is defined by the each person, then topic of social housing can be seen as a mechanism that function like algoritham whose main input is family / her number of members / in accordance with those already existing inputs and inputs which society allows, also number and type of dwellings whose purpose is to serve to socially vulnerable categories. Based on those inputs program is created that form building.

Inputs in program are:

type/ type of family dwellings
percentage  of different variety of dwellings
defined vertical connection / constraction/ module
relationship between different modular units/ formation of public space on upper floors
overhanging cells/ giving a meaning of individual cells withhin a collective dwellings

Program created in that way can present a universal method for creating unprofitable dwellings.

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Status: Unbuilt