Yoshihiro Yamamoto

Yoshihiro Yamamoto

Osaka, JP


Nakaniwa Engawa

This house is located in Nara, Japan in a neighborhood developed in the 1970s. Sandwiched between lookalike prefabs and traditional Japanese homes, this modern residence was designed specifically for the homeowners, which happen to be a young couple.The design is split into two sections – The white volume which holds the open, public areas, such as the living room, kitchen and loft area, and the black volume which holds the private spaces, such as a bedroom, bathroom, and soundproof studio. The stark contrast on the outside mixed with the warm wood door and fence, give the house excellent curb appeal. There was even room to include a small courtyard that is located between the two volumes. It allows for light and air to pass through to the rooms.

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Status: Built
Location: Ikoma, Nara, Japan
My Role: Principal Architect
Additional Credits: Photos by Yohei Sasakura / SASANOKURASHA