Dhara Patel

Dhara Patel

Jersey City, NJ, US


Williansburg Wetlands

Critics: Eric Schoenenberger and Ferda Kolatan

Studio Title: Indeterminate Constellations

Program: A Proposal for a mix-use development along the East river in Williamsburg_Brooklyn, NY.

Computer program used: Maya + Rhino +

Project Description: To investigate novel design startegies that seek to engage notions of ecology. This concept ids by no means a push towards an immaterial approach or a purely programatic planning strategy. It requires a highly sophisticated design logic, which can begin to fornulate ideas of reciprocity, growth, and adaptation in a highly material fashion. 

Williamsburg_Wetlands _ the concept uses the idea of wetlands as a buffer between the new islands and the existing to regulate the ground water table, irrigate the land and purify the water naturally, before releasing it into the hudson river.

The introduction of natural pools with the biotop effect will help develop the site along the east river in Williamsburg, Brooklyn as a new recreation and leisure hub. The focus also was on establishing a continuous spatial corridor from the Navy Yard all the way to Green point, as well as a new connections (trensport and visual) to Manhattan and inland Williamsburg_also with intoduction of froest within the residances that provide a constrst to Manhattan concrete jungle with a green roof, takes the edge od the Hudson river as it were before developments were made.

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Status: School Project
Location: Brooklyn, NY, US
My Role: Architect and Urban Designer