Dhara Patel

Dhara Patel

Jersey City, NJ, US


"Viplav", Residance for Patel's

SITE: 2088 SQ. M. site in Ahmedabad.

PROGRAM: Three bedroom with attached bathrooms, dining, living room, family room, kitchen and powder room.

ARCHITECT: Dhara Patel

DURATION: Dec 2007- March 2009

Project Description: To design a modern day dwelling for a family with a single child. The idea was to have as much of the house opening to the garden. Alos one of the requirements was try and have seperate entertaining and living zone for maximum privacy.  

I worked on the conceptual, schematic, Planning, final design development and construction of this 450 sq. m. residance. Designed for a family with a couple and their daughter, the house tries to bridege the shortfalls of a modern open plot, medium size dwelling. Here the attempt is to create a private living domain inside which the  entire house opens into. A private domain thus created between the two bays in ‘L -shape’, one consisting of living quaters and the other of miscelleneous activity spaces, like the kitchen, Living room, Dinning room etc. This helps bring the nature, breeze, green and the sun deep into the house. These living spaces open up to a varanda & the garden through 9 ft high pivotal ,glass and wood’ sliding doors on the west facade. This increases the volume on the inside, when the doors are opened, and the entire bay can be used as a unified living space. The southern facade is recessed and framed by concrete frames to provide shade from the souther heat and glare. The rest of the house is simply organised with the circulation slipne, which folows the edge of the lawn ( the central open space). This space is then graded with open, enclosed and open sequence of hierarchy, with the walls along the circulation doubling up as storage.
The dwelling is constructed as a load bearing structure completely in brick. Other materials used are concrete for the slab, staircase and elevation elements. ‘Kotah’, a natural stone used for flooring and wood and glass for windows and doors.    

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Status: Built
Location: Ahmedabad, IN
My Role: Head architect, project manager and interior designer