Dhara Patel

Dhara Patel

Jersey City, NJ, US


River City

Critics: Carla Leitao

Studio Title: Cloud- Architecture active erosion and disassembly: Games, Cities and Time-off.

Program: A Study of temporary and permant characters of event spaces- differnt scales of structures which envelope and modulates events properties in space and time.

Computer program used: Maya + Rhino

Project Description: The new waving historic timeline inserted in the regions by large scale events, impacts urban fabrics through the proposed oppurnity for transformation and reconfiguring of other timelines, giving them new directions and scalar difference through which texture and rhythms can newly be sown.

Mumbai is densely packed city with a population of 15 Million and still rizing. It is a coastal town with sea on all three sides and connected to the land on the fourth. Mumbai is the bussiness and the finanacial capital of India. It faces a constant treat of coastal flooding as well as inland flooding due to low lying areas and also the rise in sea water level_what i propose is a mega event of Olympics within the city of Mumbai; which would in turn bring in the revenues and equip the city to make the changes that could protect it, at least , from calculated floods_ A ne mega structure, within the existing road netwrk of the city. A spine which links a series of event spaces , infrastructure that could become the base for a new sustainable network in Mumbai_an artery Pumping life into the heart of Mumbai. This initial spine will work as an exclusive Olympic only path during the event. The event spaces, are existing and newly proposed sports arenas and stadiums as well as the green used and unused spaces within the fabric of Mumbai. This event spaces becomes containers of water when it floods and hence starts acting as this series od pools along the spine that acts as a river for the city. The proposed model can be tested over a priod of 50 years and another spine for the coastal flooding can also be proposed. This could be a model for sustainable, dense and super recreational development of the region.

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Status: School Project
Location: Mumbai, IN
My Role: Urban Designer