Dhara Patel

Dhara Patel

Jersey City, NJ, US


A Political Party House

SITE: 2500 sq. m. site at the Sabarmati river front in Ahmedabad, India.

PROFESSORS: N. Chhaya, Miki Desai, Gurjeet Singh and Brijesh Bhatta.

SEMESTER: Studio 9, 2006

PROGRAM: Auditorium; press room; Visitor rooms; staff and service aresa; security room; seperate entrance, office areas and board rooms for the politicians; lounges; huge congregation space; exhibition space; coffe and book shops.

Project Description: Design strategically a buiding that reflects the characteristic of the Ahmedabad. Also try and define the political building as an urban community centre, with multiple facilities for people of all age groups. The building must also reflect on the political ideology of the party.  

The design proposal for the project is shaped by the strategic location of the site. Resting within one the important cultural and commercial artery of the City,  the building on a site is overlooking the river & this center is designed to capitalize on the site resources. The immediate concern here was to bridge the formal requirements of the program with the ancillary, public and mixed spaces. The challange here was to create a very public freindly domain, so as to encourage people to use the building as a park; yet to have a very private and secured office space for the members of the political party. This was achiecved by seperating the offices on the upper floors and the civic and more public spaces on the lower floor. The spaces that were determined as public spaces form ‘the Podium’_ an uninturupted level which is formed a few floors high and opens the building to the river view and alos doubles as a huge congregation space for people.
The upper office floors are organized as formal and internal, while the lower floors which built up the podium are grouped together in a public accesible module; both connected by services. The design is also dictated by the extrenme climatic condition prvelant in the area, and so the south and the west facade ahve been treated with deep niches, small openings and curtain walls while the North and east have been huge openings. This also ensures and light circulation within the building.    

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Status: School Project
Location: Ahmedabad, IN
My Role: Architect