ernesto lopez

ernesto lopez

Tempe, AZ, US


casa de los patios

designer: ernesto lopez
location: arandas, jalisco, mexico
client: miguel angel lopez
project Year: 2012-
project Area: 800 sqm

Casa De Los Patios is a residence located in a residential area on the outskirts of a town called Arandas, approximately 130 km from the city of Guadalajara, Mexico. The flat terrain consists of 800 m2, without any unevenness, with lack of vegetation; circumstances which allowed placing the house with total freedom.

The idea of the angles on the walls came in order to create views outwards, looking towards the series of patios that are found around the House. All bedrooms, including the family room connect with the outside, these façades are flexible and they can be opened, giving the ability to create a connection with the suggested vegetation.

Interior spaces are the most important parts of the house, knowing that the main idea was to create views outwards, these intricate and dynamic spaces create perspectives to the outside. One of the suggestions made by the client when this project started was to create a unique kitchen island, the answer was to create the island as a monolithic object that is transformed and become different functions of the house. These functions are; a bar, a dinning table, storage space, space for the stove and in the end becomes a sofa in the living room hugging the wall and ceiling. The ceiling has the same language as the kitchen island, theyre both part of the interior skin of the house where there is a moment where the skin is cut and lets light into the kitchen.

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Status: Under Construction
Location: arandas, jalisco, mexico
My Role: designer