Tuan Nguyen

Tuan Nguyen

New York, NY, US


Dong Xuan Market

The main idea of this project is to create a "Green Community" over an existing one. The site was chosen challengingly: Dong Xuan market, Hanoi, Vietnam. This area is the largest commercial hub of North Vietnam and an important historical building of Hanoi.
Along with its attractive characteristics, Dong Xuan market today is known as an unhealthy place because of its overcharged waste.
Rasing people awareness and creating new facilities to re-use waste from the site is important as the activities around the market occur 24 hours a day.
The main initiatives are the insertion of programmatic pathways into the existing building which also functions as wind tunnels, and the roof, created by sliced slabs like the escalator rice fields in the Vietnamese Northern Mountain, functioning as the mediary for biodiversity between urban conditions and nature

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Hanoi, VN
My Role: project designer