Marcus Hopper

Marcus Hopper

San Francisco, CA, US


Making a Difference

Julian & Lucretia Gardens, San Jose, CA


Originally completed in 1994, Julian and Lucretia Gardens were showing their age. Once fine examples of how affordable housing could coexist as a friendly neighbor, the properties today lacked the curb appeal that would contribute anything to the surrounding neighborhood. For the client, the time had arrived to bring Julian and Lucretia back their former glory.

To achieve an updated look and to highlight the individual character of the building's various geometries, a new exterior kit-of-parts was developed.  This new exterior kit-of-parts incorporated updated opening systems, a variety of exterior paneling skins and a bold new exterior color palette.


In addition to the envelope design, the project's program also requested the design and construction of laundry facilities on the already densely populated sites. Designed to be more of a gathering space, the ritual of the weekly wash allowed the Laundry Building to serve as a meeting hub for the residents. The project incorporated many energy and water saving components, including a improved building envelope, low-flow plumbing fixtures, tankless water heaters and fluorescent light fixtures through-out. Low-emitting finishes were also used in all the units to provide the resident's a high level of indoor air quality.

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Status: Built
Location: San Jose, CA
My Role: Project Designer & Project Architect
Additional Credits: Completed under the auspices of Fennie + Mehl Architects

First Street Elevation
First Street Elevation