Eric Spector

Eric Spector

San Diego, CA, US


Differentiation in Prefab Construction

Throughout history, architectural advancements have
paralleled changing cultural patterns. From the ancient
Romans to the 19th Century Industrial Revolution,
technological advancements and innovative methods of
material manipulation have led to new architectural form.
In turn the fabrication processes have been rethought and
adapted to such demand. In the same sense, architecture
is continually informing and being informed by new modes
of representation. “Digital fabrication offers architects a
first-hand experience of gaining an explicit control over the
fabrication and manufacturing of architecture.” Matthais
Kohler believes that these digital fabrication methods make
“explicit” connections between design decisions, material
properties, and construction procedures. The fabrication
system uses form of one layer as formwork for the next in a
tower of plaster (or concrete) panels to create differentiation
and variation. The panels are stack-fabricated in modulated
molds, separated, and reassembled to panelize complex
surfaces. A heterogeneous assembly and differential
perforation of panels brings another layer of complexity to
the system.

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Status: School Project