Teresa Marboe

Teresa Marboe

State College, PA, US


Post-Standard Newspaper Building

A disconnect currently exists between the public realm (Clinton Square, Syracuse NY) and the private company (the Post Standard newspaper) that serves it. Clinton Square, a civic space, is enclosed by commercial enterprises, which strengthen the divide between public and private. The plaza is only active during business hours, and is under-utilized at other times of day.

When viewed from Clinton Square, the renovated Post Standard building exists as a two-dimensional collage of public and private spaces, advertising the array of activities that occur simultaneously within the building and inviting the inhabitants of Clinton Square to become participants. Upon entering the building, the occupants discover that the building operates as a sequence of permeable layers, which establish thresholds between outside and inside, public and private, community and business.

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Status: School Project
Location: Syracuse, NY, US