Teresa Marboe

Teresa Marboe

State College, PA, US


Museum as Didactic Monument

The Jerry Rescue monument, situated on the edge of Clinton Square, the largest urban plaza in Syracuse, NY, commemorates the involvement of Syracuse as a key city
along the Freedom trail. Located directly across the street, this Underground Railroad Museum design acknowledges its significant placement within the city by functioning within two separate typologies: the museum and the monument.

Thick, angled exterior walls contain all the exhibits housed at the museum, allowing the museum to act within the civic infrastructure of Clinton Square. The museum is intended to be utilized by the passer-by as much as the visitor, with exhibition spaces that are linked to the plaza through a separate circulation path and can be accessed at all times of day. Essential museum program, such as an archive, lounge, cafe, and administrative offices, are housed within a block that follows the geometry of the existing Amos building, which provides the only enclosure to the street corner site.

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Status: School Project
Location: Syracuse, NY, US