Breton Smith

Breton Smith

Covington, LA, US


Bullfinch Triangle Music Entertainment Museum

Project: Bulfinch Triangle Music Entertainment Museum
Location: Boston, Massachusetts
Client: Boston Redevelopment Authority
To create a premier music and entertainment venue that serves as a museum and a stage. The Rose Kennedy Greenway, a new park in central Boston, currently sits dormant in Bulfinch Triangle, an existing city district. The insertion of the museum-stage building would create a permanent home for band performances that would peserve the park and draw continuous visitors to the site.

The plan also proposes a retrofit of the back of aging industrial warehouses by inserting volumes of restaurants, clubs, and shops into the structure; they become a “grandstand” to the museum performances.

The museum building consists of eight floors dedicated to integrating a visitor into the experience of live band performance. From observation of stage prep and equipment set up, to watching stage performaces from the overhead observation deck, the visitor is consistently exposed to a “behind the scenes” glimpse of the music world. The galleries bring a permanent collection of blues, rock, and pop memorabilia to Boston, including interactive exhibits. The observation deck becomes a night club after dark, allowing for iconic views of the greenway and the downtown Boston area, as well as the Robert Zakim bridge.

The structure is a steel frame in tension cantilevered from two egress cores and an elevator core; this removes structure from the stage to ensure all potential views are unobstructed. The envelope consists of a layer of glazing, an exposed air space, and a perforated steel sunscreen.

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Status: School Project
Location: Boston, MA