Felipe Agudelo Jaramillo

Felipe Agudelo Jaramillo

Bogotá, CO


Edificio Allegro

The place:the transformation_ this sector of the city in recent years has been a change both in structure and in its urban landscape. The transformation occurs when the city underwent an expansion to the north of Bogota and to cover housing units had the need to move from two-story single-family homes to multifamily buildings in height.

The search: The characterization_ within this area, where a large number of residential buildings is a quest for power generated close to a project that could be easily identified by the user and the inhabitants of the sector, but without breaking sharply cityscape sector. To this end we studied the industry benchmark, finding a visual consistency in treatment, lack of contrasts in volume management, and the singularity in the handling of materials.

The procedure: the envelope_ having a limiting (plot area and a tight budget) we saw the task of finding an identity outside the building, to generate a response that identification by the user. The decision was made to generate a rate of pieces that give the illusion of movement (allegro) in each of the floors and thus compose in groups of 3 different levels, which saw them separately each other looks different together but generating a structure of rhythms.

The treatment: the materiality_ took into account the materiality of the nearby projects, since the project seeks to tone and harmony with the urban landscape and this is classified two types of core materials that are applied to the project. The generated vacuum (ethereal) such as glass, aluminum, and which constitute the full (heavy) as brick and concrete.

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Status: Under Construction
Location: Bogotá, CO

east facade
east facade