Geovanny Chevez

Geovanny Chevez

Los Angeles, CA, US


Logistics Center - Undergraduate Thesis

There exists a paradoxical relationship between the increasingly virtual geographies of consumption and the concealed material distribution of goods within our advanced capitalist world. As the freeways and railways of the 20th century aspired to act as smooth conduits for the transfer of material, information technologies serve as virtual infrastructures that connect consumers to the globalized marketplace. Although the emergence of information technologies has obscured and abstracted the realities of the production and distribution of goods, it has also provided consumers with a surplus of information with the potential to advance fair trade products and sustainable distribution practices throughout the physical world. Logistics Center is a facility that provides storage, manufacturing, packaging, and distribution capabilities for both fair trade products and locally-grown produce in an effort to reconcile the virtual and material entities within the distribution of goods. In giving concrete form and image to the intangible processes of post-industrial society, it attempts to create a dialogue between consumer, product, and environment through the medium of architecture.

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Status: School Project
Location: Ontario, California
My Role: Everything
Additional Credits: Instructors Ewan Branda and Mark Ericson