Geovanny Chevez

Geovanny Chevez

Los Angeles, CA, US


Accelerated Connectivity - High Speed Railway Station

The design of the Burbank High-Speed Railway Station is informed primarily by contextual connections to the Bob Hope Airport, Interstate-5 Highway and Ontario Street. In order to achieve a greater sense of connectivity on a national scale, the station provides for access to the airport via an airtrain and an expanded highway off-ramp that creates comfortable access for drivers to the station. Ontario Street is re-designed as a Promenade on both sides of the railways, activating the neighboring communities with recreation spaces and commercial opportunities. A new culture is then cultivated in the largely suburban context that is based on a new sense of connectivity and community.

Architecturally, the design of the railway station evolved from an idea about the issues involved in the integration of a substantial infrastructural entity within the built landscape. In order to achieve this integration, a series of steel truss structures grow out of the landscape to provide a shaded open-air space that includes the platforms and central hall. These structures stop in front of where Ontario Street would run in order to allow for the revelation of the trains as they speed through the station. The revelation formulates an idea about the spectacle of viewing a technological innovation that enriches our lives through increased connectivity and a new understanding of our environment.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Burbank, CA, US
My Role: Designer
Additional Credits: Designer Amelia Sanchez Casella - University of Buenos Aires