Robert Koshgarian

Robert Koshgarian

Los Angeles, CA, US


D - 960

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Arts District Triangle
Sci-Arc Expansion: living/School Programs/Auditorium
ADD# - 960 A&D E. Third St., Los Angeles Ca 90013
+ High Density Mixed use development
Add# - 960 B&C E. Third St., Los Angeles CA 90013


Site, “District 960”, sits between the Sci- arc building and the arts district area. . This area sits on a fault line of a major grid transition in downtown. Each building and road exists as reminisce of the rail way dominated, industrial typology, of the past. District 960, becomes apart of the “ The Arts District Triangle” Beginning the development of the sites massing with attention to local geometries and forces helped shape the bent volumes.
. Re-using the concept of projected forces from the developer’s site, the sci-arc parcel was developed of striated volumes. These volumes separate and juncture to meet with adjacent forces of the community.  As well as, is embedded into the depressed parking structure and emerges, allowing it to pass between building and ground condition. This conceptually can invite the occupants onto the building.

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Status: School Project
Location: Los Angeles, CA, US