Guannan Chen

Guannan Chen

New York, NY, US


Kimbell Art Museum Extension

The new extentsion of Kimbell Art Museum is designed to accomodate large scale contemporary art works. The new extension project is located to the back side of Kimbell occupying the previous road to avoid destroying the landscape in front of Kimbell. Also, it provides an easy access from Kimbell to
the extension building. The landscape walls outside Kimbell designed by Kahn are extended to enclose a courtyard for the new building.The supporting programs are integrated into the volumn to the east of the courtyard. The Gallery is a simple box coated by channel glasses floated above the courtyard.

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Status: School Project
Location: Fort Worth, TX, US
My Role: Designer
Additional Credits: Grade A+
was published in Approach2010-2011 which is the school book published
annually for best studio projects.