Leonardo Micolta Diaz

Leonardo Micolta Diaz

Hacienda Heights, CA, US


Forte Nanshan

The clubhouse, completed in October of 2011, was formally conceived as a continuous folded loop that pivots from a common double height space. The common space links together the different programmatic elements of the building; including a gym, a swimming pool, children playground, offices, arts-and-crafts classrooms, meeting rooms, a restaurant and a café.

The design responds to the client needs by allowing this common space to be temporarily utilized as a showroom and sales floor for the villas. Surrounding the clubhouse is a shallow reflective lake abundant with carp and lotus. Wooden platforms outline the periphery of the building and bridge across the lake to connect the lobby with the residential villas.

To minimize site impact, the building is incrusted in the existing topography. Thus the clubhouse seems to grow from the ground when approaching the main entry, and rising out of the reflecting water surface as you walk around it.

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Status: Built
Location: Chongqing, CN