Alberto Lera

Alberto Lera

Bordeaux, FR


Zoo Espacio del Conocimiento en Barcelona

Transformation process of Circunvalation way in Barcelona

The new transformation of the Circunvalación walk and the need to upgrade some facilities at Barcelona Zoo are the starting point of the project.

The new public library, the future of França Railway Station and the demolition of the walls of Ciutadella park create a new meeting point, where the desire to connect the park with the sea borns again. Ignasi Sola Morales describes this type of terrain vague spaces such as "... the shape of the absence in the metropolis." And claims the value of history, the traces of time, in these spaces.

The project is the addition of two main actions: a connection over the infrastructures between the park and the sea, and the transformation of the Circunvalación walk to transform it into a public space, recovering lost urban values ​​and new uses and functions, to update at the same time the city and the Zoo, which is involved in a process of adaptation to the twenty-first century, where release, education, research and conservation are the principal points of the World Zoo and Aquarium Conservation Strategy (WZACS).

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Status: School Project
Location: Barcelona, ES