Saad Alayyoubi

Saad Alayyoubi

San Diego, CA, US


Porsche Electric Motorcycle Concept

Inspired by Porsche’s iconic 911 sportscar, the “Valkyrie” Electric Motorcycle concept merges signature themes from the Porsche classic with a sleek, futuristic design that paves the way for a new generation of zero-emission motorcycles. The small array of electric bikes currently on the market have set an excellent benchmark for environmental standards, yet fail to satisfy the avid motorcyclist’s passion for beauty and performance.


The elimination of the combustion engine means the body of the motorcycle is much lighter and leaner, providing an elegant profile with dynamic grille underneath the bike that improves both air flow and ventilation for the electric motor. A streamlined titanium-aluminum alloy monocoque body structurally supports the lightweight bike, while also concealing the proprietary motor adapted from the latest Porsche hybrid technology, the array of batteries and the electrical wiring infrastructure. The bike will also be wired with digital sensors that provide dynamic feedback to a central processor that automatically adjusts suspension and other settings according to riding conditions, as well as a digital heads-up display on the windshield which reduces clutter from the dashboard.

Our design seeks to capitalize on Porsche’s ability to manufacture inspirational performance supercars, as embodied not only in their 911 series but also the new fuel-efficient 918 Spyder. Adapting the hybrid technology of the Spyder to an electric ‘superbike’, this motorcycle concept seeks to reinvigorate the electric motorcycle market with an exhilarating vehicle that inspires the same awe and excitement as a new Porsche sportscar.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: New York, NY, US