Jennifer Levy

Jennifer Levy

Astoria, NY, US


German Gerena Community School

The renovation being completed at the Gerena Community School is intended to divide the program of the school. Dividing the program into public and private will create for a safer environment
for those attending. The design consists of closing off two of the atrium stairwells. Colorful tiles will be incoprorated as well as an art installation in the center of the atrium area. This will liven up to the concrete masonry that exists in the atrium currently and create a connection to the community spaces surrounding the atrium also under renovation, as demonstrated in the images on the right. The design implemented in this project won an Interior Design award for "Outstanding Recreation Space" that was published in the American School and University Magazine (fall 2013).

The renovation of the WGBY Room is one of many assisting to revitalize the mall level of this school so local organizations may utilize the spaces again and do so in better conditions.

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Status: Built
Location: Springfield, MA, US