Danielle Cacioppo

Danielle Cacioppo

Schaumburg, IL, US


The [C]ommon Thread

Currently the City of Carbondale is investigating ways to make its town more pedestrian friendly while also creating a stronger connection between the university and downtown Carbondale.

The City of Carbondale is currently comprised of several different social-economic groups which have a clear division. To unite these groups our solution is to design a structural system composed of angular steel pieces, which will provide a stark contrast to Carbondale’s unique historic backdrop. This system will thread its way along the Illinois Central Railway which will define a visual route. There will be an array of seating and viewing spaces, both formal and informal. People will be attracted to this due to the visual variety and complexity. This unique pathway will improve the vitality of people in Carbondale from walking, biking, and/or jogging. The realization of this design would break down Carbondale’s currently divided groups into a united community that would exhibit strength, opportunity, and stability.

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Status: School Project
Location: Carbondale IL