Phanos Ionides

Phanos Ionides

Limassol, CY


House on a hillside

The site consists of 2 adjacent plots on a hillside, overlooking the town of Limassol and the Mediterranean Sea. The forms of the building remain straight forward and simple, reflecting the clarity of the floor plans as well as the changes in the spatial organization at different levels. These forms aim in addressing certain practical issues that arise from the southwestern orientation of the plot. The verandas on the first floor provide shade and control the impact of the sunlight in the areas under them, namely the main entrance and the living / dining area. In an attempt to deal further with the site’s microclimate, the openings in the building’s envelope were planned with the aim to create opportunities for cross ventilating certain interior areas and thus reduce their need for mechanical cooling during the hot summer. The main materials used were reinforced concrete and plastered bricks. This project was in the World Architecture News House of the Year 2007 long list.

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Status: Built
Location: Limassol, CY