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Work Samples 003
Work Samples 003
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Waterfront Necropolis

Addressing the metropolitan need for the disposition of the remnants of human habitation in the face of a further limitation of occupiable territory brought on by global climate change, the proposal for a new cemetery on the Bay Ridge, Brooklyn waterfront is an inquiry of the liminal nature of its site, housing a transitional use that serves greater New York City while gifting the waterfront to its local neighborhood. It is a reformulation of the cemetery typology: the infrastructural necropolis.


The cemetery occupies a barrier Island composed of concrete pods anchored with soil dredged from the ongoing process of clearing New York Harbor’s navigational channels, growing in size as the parallel needs of disposition dictate. The synthetic shape of the pods fractalizes over its incremental growth, multiplying in scale and increasingly in surface area, addressing the increasing need for landward protection from storm surge as the water levels of the harbor rise. Between land and water, the newly protected waterfront edge, formerly hardened, softens in a new landscape of wetland gradients which transversally dampen the velocity of storm surge, while vertically housing recreational and natural habitats that reflect the complexifying patterns of inhabitation along the shore. A former rail trough cutting Eastward into the Bay Ridge neighborhood connects the new inner waterfront to the neighborhood, while, in a sectional move, threading the metropolitan traffic of the cemetery between the raised Gowanus Expressway and the outer waterfront of the necropolis.

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Status: School Project
Location: Brooklyn, NY, US
My Role: Colaboration of two Architects / Urban Designers
Additional Credits: MAUD First semester urban design studio [Colaboration: Nicholas Potts - MAUD BArch]
Anita Berizbeitia

Work Samples 004
Work Samples 004