Kiersten Hoiland

Kiersten Hoiland

Chicago, IL, US


Pittsburgh Music Institute

Given the choice of three existing buildings in Pittsburgh, PA, develop a program based on the community’s needs and present a programming document, drawings, renderings, and a construction document set to sell the idea.


The Pittsburgh Music Institute’s mission is to provide superior music education to students of all ages and abilities, reach out to individuals with limited access to music education, and support life-long musical learning in the community. A musician’s aspiration to integrate technique and expression was the impetus for synthesizing the warehouse’s existing rhythmic module with a transparent undulating façade.  As participants embark on their symphonic journey through the institute, they encounter passages of rhythmic distribution, ascending glissandi, and percussive counterpoint culminating in a range of visual dynamics that is unconsciously integrated into their own musical development.


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Status: School Project
Location: Pittsburgh, PA