Emily Woods

Emily Woods

Cincinnati, OH, US


Master of Architecture Thesis

There is no clear method for evaluating existing buildings in terms of their overall value, taking into account economic, environmental, and social values.  Such a model will systematically determine whether or not to invest in remodeling a building or to simply demolish it and build new.  This approach will place a comprehensive value on an historic piece of architecture in order to decide which buildings will remain a part of our fabric and which should be replaced.  Four surplus Cincinnati Public Schools buildings will be evaluated in order to determine which has the most potential comprehensive value.  Once a site is chosen, the evaluation model will aid design decisions in order to produce a development that has the highest potential value in all three categories.  The use of this comprehensive value model allows the inherent social and environmental values of endangered existing buildings to offset the economic argument for demolition.

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Status: School Project
Location: Cincinnati, OH, US