Sarah Rushing

Sarah Rushing

Alexandria, VA, US


Somma-Vesuvio Centro Sanitario

Somma-Vesuvio, a town near Naples, Italy, has demonstrated a need for new commercial opportunities and has developed an abundance of abandoned buildings. Utilizing one of the buildings near the town center, an extension of the building was designed in order to receive programs including: a palestra (gym), giardino (garden), chirurgia (surgery and therapy for athletes), estetica (beauty center), hammam (sauna), piscina (pool), bar (cafe), and ristorante (restaurant). This becomes the health campus for the town, while providing leisurely functions as well. Additionally, the views of Mount Vesuvius and of the town are spectacular from this particular location, rendering it an incredible spot to watch the sun rise or set during chosen activity.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Naples, IT