Yamen Hama

Yamen Hama

Annandale, VA, US


Media Tower: Grasshopper Exploration

 site: Manhattan, New York

objective: To design a skyscraper that incorporates commercial, retail, public / institutional, and office space to     reactivate the old Grand Central Station and Post Office space in Manhattan, New York. My personal objective was to create a media tower that utilizes a skin as a tool for displaying multiple types of media; media placement and strategy would be based on geometry using basic human limitations and       capabilities (average distance one can see, average distance one can hear, etc). Once determined, the skin and core would bulge convexly or collapse concavely in  a dance that would allow for small "bubbles" or pockets / look-out points so that the inhabitant doesn't just observe the skin from the street, but from within the tower itself as well. 

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Status: School Project
Location: Manhattan, New York