Yamen Hama

Yamen Hama

Annandale, VA, US


Health and Wellness Center

site: downtown charlottesville, virginia

objective: To fit a wellness center (yoga, dance, massage, spa, martial arts, acupuncture, studio space, administrative offices, circulation) between pre-existing bulidings on a small parking lot efficiently, while maintaining a substantial amount of outdoor space.

The outdoor circulation in between the pre-existing buildings is partially covered by the cantilevering 2nd floor;  there is a trade-off between enclosed walking space (private) and open walking space (public). This distinction in privacy is reciprocated in the wellness center’s main feature, the thickened occupiable concrete wall.
      The occupiable wall has three different treatments:
1) separation wall removed
    the occupiable wall is torn down, a void is created and the entire floor is one big room for group practice
2) separation wall intact
   occupiable wall creates separate rooms for smaller practice space and/or administrative spaces
3) separation wall recessed
   the wall is recessed increasing floor space for the rest of the floor, and circulation corridors
4) separation wall rotated
    occupiable wall condition wraps around to the basement, creating the “L” shaped section. This gives way to the basement’s  
    “sunken room” atmosphere for massages and acupuncture

The three types of spaces created by the varying depth of cut into the wall create different degrees of privacy as one may feel very enclosed and secure in a room in the wall, but very exposed when there is a void and an open floor is extended. 

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Status: School Project
Location: Charlottesville, VA, US