Yamen Hama

Yamen Hama

Annandale, VA, US


Dance Academy and Community Arts Center

site: Great Jones Street, New York

objective: to design a dance conservatory that provides sufficient private space for practice rooms for dancers, while doubling as a community intramural,
performance, and observation space.

main strategy: PARTIAL ENVELOPMENT THROUGH COUPLED “C” CURVES. visible in both plan and section, and inspired by the dancer’s form. The complimentary “c” curves seen below allow for partial envelopment. At times, these “C” curves allow the inhabitant to be in a complete private state, while other times melding public and private moments to bring the community and the dancer together. The curved glass panels on the rounded facade double as a medium for advertising upcoming shows and performances.                  

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Status: School Project
Location: Great Jones Street, New York