Casey Stotz

Casey Stotz

Providence, RI, US


Community Studio

This project is an intervention in "The Triangle", the block made up of Harvard Avenue, Brighton Avenue, and Cambridge Street. Looking at Allston Village Main Street's Goals, I chose to focus on creating a greener, more pedestrian-orientated place, a thriving, safe and friendly business district, and an active distinct neighborhood. Investigating for an identity of Allston I discovered The Allston Village Street Fair Festival that according to residents, "shows off what Allston offers year round". With these principals in mind I created a district that celebrates and enhances Allston and its residents.

When choosing the area of my intervention I looked for two criteria, where are people coming from and where are they going. Looking at public transit, the majority of people are arriving at Union Square. After exploring the area around Union Square, I discovered that Harvard Avenue has the most concentrated retail, restaurants, and other commercial services. Within this block there is also a lack of community, the buildings are all separate from each other with parking lots in between them. The current street-scapes disjointed and uncomfortable for the pedestrian, small sidewalks next to busy traffic flows.

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Status: School Project
Location: Allston, MA, US