Albina Aleksiunaite

Albina Aleksiunaite

Amsterdam, NL

In collaboration with OX2 Architecten
In collaboration with OX2 Architecten

Pavilion for India & Germany

The temporary pavilion in India reflects the infinite relations between two countries – India and Germany. The pavilion is dedicated for a business and cultural events which have to represent good partnership of these 2 lands. The structure is built in sections and distinguishes by its short collecting time as it was supposed to travel through over 10 cities in India and to be collected and uncollected 10 times. 

The plan of a building is squared form – perfect form according “Vastu” building philosophy. The main entrance is arranged to be from North – East where it is supposed the most positive energy is coming from.
Pavilion has 2 main spaces – 2 levels which have different functions. First level - space for cultural events, venues, presentations, parties. Second level – the lounge, where both German and Indian communities gather together and enjoy Indian spirit by having cup of tea on Indian carpet.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: India