Marco Baldassari

Marco Baldassari

New York, NY, US


740 8TH AVE

Designed for Boston Properties, 740 Eighth Avenue is a 900,000 square foot office tower between 46 th and 45 th Streets on the West side of Manhattan just west of the Imperial Theater.
One of the design team’s greatest challenges on this project was reconciling a desire for a highly efficient office floor plate with a challenging site.   The zoning site is a combination of lots and transferred air rights from the Theater District.   Not all of the lots west of the Imperial Theater were included in our site so the result was a staggered zoning lot.   The shape of the lot translated directly into our tower form, creating the two bar form that rises to over 600 feet.
The tower is sheathed in a curtain wall system of 13’-6” by 4’-9” insulated glass panels that rise, unbroken, from floor to floor.   The units are elegantly trimmed in stainless steel to emphasis the vertical proportions.   The lobby for the office tower is located at the corner of 46 th Street and Eighth Avenue.    The dimensions of the lobby, 90’-0” long, 24’-0”wide and 60’-0” tall, create a space that is heroic in scale.  
Projects in New York City are driven by efficiencies.    By combining the 3D information from structure, mechanical and architecture, the design team delivered a building that was well coordinated and efficient.   Revit allowed us to fully understand the dimensional constraints of the spaces that we were designing.   With that knowledge we were able to find economies in our below grade parking, our mechanical rooms and our typical office floor plates.
Revits imaging tools were very useful on this project.   Using its hidden line features paired with a slight transparency for the glass the design team was able to make design decision very quickly.   Since the information is on the same platform we cut our design time down significantly.   Typically we would use another 3D program for our design studies, take that information into a rendering program, view it, make corrections and finally translate the design into a drawing program.   When we were ready to produce a final rendering the translation into 3D Max was seamless.  

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: New York, NY, US