Betsy Jean Cole

Betsy Jean Cole

Los Angeles, CA, US


Barnsdall Studio

A small live/work studio designed on a hillside parcel of land located in Barnsdall Park in Los Angeles, inspired by Ray Kappe's 1963 Residence.  I incorporated Kappe's level shifts for separation of space and his structural model of wood beams supported on hollow concrete columns, which also act as light wells.  The outcome is a home that shifts increasingly private areas of the studio up and into the hill, while more public and work space is thrust forward into the light and the views.

The square site was shared with an Eisenman-inspired live/work studio, designed by my studio partner. 

Studio project.  SCI-Arc 1st year graduate studio, taught by Alexis Rochas.  2008.

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Status: School Project
Location: Los Angeles, CA, US