Germana Gioglio

Germana Gioglio

New York, NY, US


Ron Kopels Studio- La Fornarina Restaurant

This italian restaurant is open in 2 location and a 3rd will be open soon.


The client wanted to create a space that feel like home, the design is classic with a modern twist.

There was a long research for the bar design and a lot of technical work was involved to create the equipment schedule for both kitchen and bar.

We designed a new stair to cellar level, where we crated a private party room; and millwork bookshelf for the display of the products.


The lighting system also required a lot of study in order to create an intimate ambience.

We also had to file with landmark preservation and community board to create a new store front, awning and side walk cafe.

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Status: Built
Location: 375 Amsterdam Avenue, New York ,NY