Marco Merigo

Marco Merigo

Brescia, IT


School Campus

The brief of the design competition clearly stated the need of a coherent and a well integrated intervention within the northern area, where all the school complexes are located. This entire school district had to be rethought and planned with redesign of open spaces with pedestrian and bicycle trails, parking areas and other programs like auditorium, sports fields and a building for general services (media center, library, cafeteria, offices). The square which connects the auditorium with the service center is the main node of the project and is the meeting place par excellence. The two buildings are placed strategically to create a natural perspective towards the mountains. The structure of the high school campus is held together by the use of water components. A small canal runs along the entire length of the lawn ending in a wide pool at the square of the library. Another prominent water feature is at the square of access to the west, an irregular shaped large lake that characterizes the north side of the auditorium. The two main buildings (service center and auditorium) are manifestations of silent episodes, discreet and introverted played on a counterpoint. The ideal matrix of two buildings is designed as one and with a strong emphasis marked by use of blank walls on the shorter sides. The concrete walls are shaped toward the inside, make a regular alternation against the volumes of the exterior.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Schio, IT