Ben Smith

Ben Smith

New Haven, CT, US


Birth + protozoa to architecture

This hybrid makes the leap from creature space into a vital new kind of eco-social space through the notion of birth. In this instance, birth is defined as the kinship relation of an offspring to the parents. This applies on two different levels. First, the generating module will “subdivide” and “multiply” through a process of duplication to create new “genetically” related children. These will become the building blocks that form the larger artifact. Second, human interaction with the space amplifies this notion of “birth.” Recognizing that ecological systems are adaptive, every visitor to the site has an opportunity to rearrange the parts in a finite number of combinations. Thus, while each of these combinations is different from the last they still share “genetic material.” This self-assembling/ self-organizing system will change over time as the visitors interact with the artifact adapting and rearranging the parts to meet their own needs. The “topography of inner being” is also displayed in the ability of the individual to create “nests” or nooks in which to curl up comfortably.

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Status: School Project
Location: Colorado Springs, CO, US