Nicholas McMunn, Assoc. AIA

Nicholas McMunn, Assoc. AIA

Houston, TX, US


Personal Photography - Disoriented in the Shadows

 As users of the city we seldom appreciate the services in the shadows. The dimly lit arteries to our built environment come as after thoughts to the importance of aesthetics facing our more routinely traveled paths in the city. What hasn’t been declared is the beauty located in the after thoughts, the beauty in the disoriented cluster of feed lines and waste receptacles lining our public disinterests. Too often the alleys of the inner city become landmarks for fear and avoidance. Showcased in these images are developed perspectives highlighting beauty as a rough aspect of a disoriented part of the city. From the subtle gradient in the rectilinear red tides of brick to the bleeding personality of a weathered window, beauty resides within the forgotten cracks of existence; beauty is in the small things, it is in the tucked away entries and polluted fenestrations of our historical disobedience within the built environment. The potential is great and the treasures are many so the opportunity for discovery continues to grow through adaptation and ad hoc alley life.

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Status: School Project
Location: Denver, CO, US
My Role: Photographer