Nicholas McMunn, Assoc. AIA

Nicholas McMunn, Assoc. AIA

Houston, TX, US


BioSIPs Research Structure

Under the expert tutelage of Julee Herdt, Senior Professor University of Colorado Boulder and the owner/founder of BioSIPs, and Kellen Schauermann, friend and senior research assistant and co-principal investigator for the CU BioSIP Project, my involvement in the construction of an experimental BioSIP building was fabricating and designing of a prototype research shed, as well as the assistance in researching manufacturing processes for BioSIPs. BioSIPS, which utilizes the recycling of solid waste into high-performance, environmental, structural insulated panels, offers promise for large-scale, 3D fiberboard and structural insulated panels for petroleum-alternative construction. The prototype shed will measure18x10x12, utilizes solar tracking, and is a test site for BioSIP prototype panels. Construction was completed in the fall of 2010.

Waste diversion from BioSIPs

The following waste diversion statistics were calculated using software developed by the grant team for determining recycled fiber quantities in various BioSIP products while also balancing desired BioSIP product characteristics, fabrication costs, and manufacturing profitability. Potential for OCC waste fiber diversion through BioSIP Manufacturing. And, assuming a modest calculation showing BioSIPs, Inc producing panels for the following number of homes, the diverted waste volumes indicating “Economies of Scale” could be: 31 homes per month = 339,450 pounds or 169.7 tons of waste fibers per month. And assuming: 31 homes per month x 12 months per year = 4,073,400 pounds or 2,037 tons of diverted, waste fiber could be recycled into value added BioSIP products for residential construction alone. This is based on a 48”x24”x36” sized bale of OCC weighing 150 lbs. BioSIP Research Structure, Diverted Consumer Waste Statistics: Wall, floor, and roof BioSIP panels, CNC fabricated trusses for roof, furniture, interior finishes, and 2,285 lbs of post-consumer waste 625 lbs of post-consumer waste and salvaged wood framing from ReSource 800 lbs 3,710 lbs of recycled [ x 25 ] 86 lbs of recycled a 4 ’ x 8 ’ BioSIP panel post-consumer wastepaper.

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Status: Built
Location: Boulder, CO, US