Carlo Guzman De Jesus

Carlo Guzman De Jesus

New York, NY, US


Punta Gorda Courthouse

Courthouse in Punta Gorda, FL
Fall, 2010: Enrique Macia

This small Florida town is located on the west coast, just north of Cape Coral in Charlotte County. This town has recently undergone a rebuilding process after a hurricane left much damage to the town center. The proposal includes the reorganization of the Punta Gorda’s town center along its two largest roads, through which the majority of travelers navigate. The reorganization establishes a line of vision to the under-appreciated waterfront, terminating the axis at the courthouse. The courthouse divided form adheres to this urban gesture while still establishing itself as an important structure in the urban center. Its center is receded back behind the parallel wings, opposite of that of a typical courthouse.

Because of the complex circulation, a simple and clear circulation core was established in the center of the building from which access to an appropriate service can be found easily. Hierarchy among the spaces within are represented on the facades through the use of varying transparencies which individually correspond to the importance of the space. The stone along the pedestrian level is meant to imply strength and permanence, while the softly sloping stairs providing a welcoming less intimidating feel to the entrance. The locations of the courtrooms on the top level permits maximization of daylight usage through the adaptation of skylights which mimic the buildings directional form.

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Status: School Project
Location: Punta Gorda, FL, US