Domingo Abrusci

Domingo Abrusci

New York, NY, US


Eco-city in Southcambridgeshire

The project is developed in a place 'adjoining cambridge, the district of southcambridgeshire. the design of a city 'of new foundation plan refers to an area of northstowe, 9500 providing for the construction of new houses for people 30000. the planprovides for the area of the project, an integration withexisting and reuse of an old railway line, skirting as highway andcloses the new city 'east side of the area.
sustainability 'and' the keystone of the new city ': be' one city 'as definedby its relationship between urban and rural setting.

The area has a variant of countless possibilities 'project, butthe idea was born on which the main project and' the reclaimingof human nature and the surrounding area, a city 'livable, withattention to the situation is that human nature. so, from adrawing that reminds of cell culture or a battery, you are led to thisdisposione microarea for building.

My design for building, wanted to be an attempt to integrate the type of the Anglo-Saxon
model, the “Crescent”,
with the long public balcony as a connection, obtaining, a 5-story curved
residence which can have different orientation
and use of the sunlight during the day. In fact, the residences, using the
stairwells, changes position, so they can have
direct sunlight in different hours of the day.

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Status: School Project
Location: South Cambridgeshire