Domingo Abrusci

Domingo Abrusci

New York, NY, US


Civic Movement “Subiaco’s Change”

The sinusoid as a guide.

The sinusoid plugs into an urban restricted and is recognizedimmediately through different field compared to field facing.
the idea is to connect with different parts of the use one formcontinues acknowledge that i can be unique and distinctive sine the line is not only in graft "vertical vision" the plan, butrelated lines, the horizontal scan giving life to square and similarsteps to independent enslaving different functions and that arerelated and associates of the form of mother the propensity multipurpose project is still more expressedthrough the use of external velar that thanks to varyconformations, warrant and make a lot of the possibility ofdrawing the place outside a continuation of interior variability of the drawings and the possible elements ofmodular design that is formed, and provide easy installation ofdiversity that give the visual velar project not a role of secondary organic and make a part of the project. the curved, continues in its development, embraces the interior giving formto a mobile that brings together two different points ofnature.
space devoted to reading, on the ground floor, you play isclosely connected with the floor and will not only is this form,but you will also be reflected in materials furniture thatthanks to scan serrano, will appear as one entity which the surfaceplasma
ground floor to form is carved chairs and tables giving life tothat in the form of mobile almost disappear, almost camouflaged, which enslaves but their view full function not affected by the object. floor to the profile becomes almost linear wall along thecompressed to give more breath taking small winery, and alsothe space is even more comfortable made using tables andchairs that arise directly from the ground floor of mobile as ifthe matter out of the primary form not destroy it, but reshaped toserve the same function matrix in a different place

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Subiaco, IT