Zakiya Franklin

Zakiya Franklin

New York, NY, US


Administration Building

Private grade school administration building

Fulfilling a concept through craft, its’ fabrication and detailing, is a focus of attention. The project through which this information is explored is an Administration Building on the Eaglebrook campus. The building is considered a result of the initial idea and the questions the reality of the project raises. It is an organic process, in that the initial concept is modified and evolves to its final form, a record of the process of change, responsive to circumstances, conditions and context. Underlying issues common to buildings are explored; the program, site conditions, land forms, structural and geometric clarity, spatial hierarchy, private and public spaces, the integration of the plan and its’ three dimensional form, the building that “reads” or is ambiguous. The building is a form balancing internal and external conditions and requirements with aesthetic aspiration.

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Status: School Project