Shawn Morse

Shawn Morse

Santa Monica, CA, US


DBSF - Digital Building Structure Fabrication

Most metal 3D printing processes are severely limited in scale based on the volume of material (green state) needed for preparation to make a finished part. Even though the processes use only the necessary amount of green material to make the finished part, the volume of green material required is the same as tradition machining techniques (a process in which material is cut away to make a finished part). This can be called a bounding-box methodology. For example, if you wanted to make a metal part with overall dimensions of  20’x20’x5’, you would need about 2,000 cubic feet of metal powder and a bounding-box in which to contain the powder. DBSF eliminates this bounding-box by printing the outlining bounding formwork into which the green state material will be deposited. DBSF is system that prints the target structural shape in an outline of green material. The size can range from large scale solid-metal artwork to an entire building structure. The context within which this system has been envisioned is a building where the skin and structure are the same (monocoque) using a voronoi pattern.


As is with current metal 3D printing processes, the excess material used by DBSF is reusable.

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Status: Competition Entry
My Role: Creator
Additional Credits: Neri Oxman - Assistant professor of media arts and sciences at the MIT Media Lab
Jan Torgersen & Prof. Jürgen Stampfl - Additive Manufacturing Technologies: Vienna University of Technology
Dr. Enrico Dini - Creator of D-Shape