Ankit Bansal

Ankit Bansal

New Delhi, IN


Office Building for National Jute Board

Salient features of proposed Office Building for National Jute Board at New Town, Kolkata.


  • The new office Build for National Jute Board will house the office of Office of the Jute Commissioner, Jute Corporation of India, National Jute Manufacturers Corpn. Ltd., National Jute Board spread over a total built up area of 14358.50 sq.m / 154555 sq. ft divided on 9 floors.
  •  The scheme will cover an area of 6070.80 sq.m /  65346 sft. of site area.
  • The offices are built around a green spaces which would be essentially for pedestrian and Jute display on ground floor.
  • The block is built around green courtyard which would give them distinct personality and impressive entrance lobby.
  • Surrounding green landscaped area enclosing the building would be provided and certain areas will be used for exhibition.
  • The building will be green building as per parameters of GRIHA Norms. As per client’s requirement Jute Diversified Products will be used to the maximum based on inputs from Client.
  • Pedestrian and vehicular movement is segregated.
  • Parking is established on the periphery road. The ramps give way to the parking on the basement.
  • The building has a curved flank forming a dynamic and distinct feature.
  • The form is essentially suitable from the point of view of economy and flexibility.
  • The design is the concept of sustainability to counter the harsh rays of sun in scorching heat of summer months.
  • The courtyard is lit with natural light from the roof, which percolates to the lower levels of all offices
  • The office space is demarcated in distinct zones in a development around a central courtyard. The office space has been designed with a minimum of structural columns and the internal partition can be changed or modified according to varied requirements.
  • Use of green wall on vertical surface to reduce the heat gain by the building.
  • Smart and intelligent office building with complete monitoring and operation through BMS.
  • 100% air conditioned building and mechanically ventilated building.

Power generation through solar panels installed at roof as part of design.  

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Status: Under Construction
Location: Kolkata, IN
My Role: Architect
Additional Credits: ACME Consultants