Krisztina Jozsef LEED AP, Associate AIA

Krisztina Jozsef LEED AP, Associate AIA

San Francisco, CA, US



Para Site
Lincoln Place Apts.
Venice, CA
Prof. Mark Mack
UCLA Spring 2011
Research Studio: Green Architecture Alive
Rhino, V-ray, AdobeCS, Z-print 3D
Beginning as an epiphyte, the Stranger Fig, a tropical plant, develops a co-habitational relationship with its host tree - neither organism benefiting or suffering. The seedlings eventually, growing at an aggressive rate, begin to take advantage of its host, essentially stealing precious sunlight and nutrients from the soil. Years later, the tree, having been completely taken over by the fig, decomposes within, as the fig has slowly asphyxiated it, leaving the strangler fig as a self-supporting structure echoing the form of its former host in its hollowness.
The Lincoln Place neighborhood of apartments in Venice Beach, California, built in the 1950s, currently sits vacant, as nearly 800 residential units’ were vacated due to eviction, resulting in many legal battles. After the settlements, former residents and new tenants will finally move in to Lincoln Place in the coming years. A vacant lot on the site and the 800 vacant apartments mirror the hollow shell of the strangled tree, giving way to two new fourteen story towers.

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Status: School Project
Location: Los Angeles, CA, US