Anirudh Dhawan

Anirudh Dhawan

Alameda, CA, US


Schizophrenic Expansion

Fall 2010 Project During 1 year LabM4 Studio with Francois Roche, Stephan Henrich, Kris Mun, and Qi Su. Project is part of a series of research as speculation and partially the architecture of storytelling/fiction. Project Investigates a scenario involving a mutative expansion ocurring from within the confines of the Museum of Jurassic Technology. A sort of psychotropic intervention on the petrification of the building and the social dynamic from organisms growing within the museum. Therefore we choose to see in this the museum having a vitality restored to it by giving it a morphological lifecycle by materials activated  and responsive to solar exposure. A machinic system is embedded witihin the aggregations of shape memory coils, activating the expansion to occur to "grow the building throughout the day" The museum in day is occupiable and by night becomes " a museum for the rats"

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Status: School Project
Location: Museum of Jurassic Technology, Culver City