Anirudh Dhawan

Anirudh Dhawan

Alameda, CA, US


ACSA Steel Competition 2009

 The project seeks a relationship between what the town square inherited through its layers of evolution over the past 1000 years and how these ideas address a dynamic environment for the years to come. At the historic center of Prague, where a richness of culture and fine arts of various styles has coexisted, the project seeks to address the richness of activities that happen at the ground and provide people with the freedom they need to move freely. I want to compose a building through a similar logic, which is one of integrated layers, and a frame which is realized through the cities dense circulatory/cellular grid. This provides locals, citizens, and tourists with closure to the missing piece in the cities center that belongs there, while also producing a rich environment of events and views that enhance the influence the common tourist has in this “Genius Locci”,a place worth remembering. 

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Prague, Czech Republic